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Welcome to my personal page. There is a lot of different content spread throughout this site.  Mostly it's a portal to my various social media resources, business interests (drones), or outdoor activities. Originally I developed the site to create a portal for myself to keep my various links and resources organized.  As the site grew I realized there is information worth offering so I've made it public.


Building out my portfolion on Adobe Portfolio has been a time consuming project.  Having sorted through almost 20,000 images the site is up and running and presents some of my best work.

Some imagery in my portfolio I also consider stock imagery and can be purchased at Adobe Stock.



Through a variey of venues I offer a number of different trainings. Most are related to the operations and use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones).  Specifically, I offer in-person trainings and mapping and modeling with sUAS as well as processing in Pix4D. Check my schedule on the DTAP website or email me at for me details on private trainings.